“Also in the politics we need to innovate, because we have created the system that nobody is satisfied with anymore.”

Sonja Klopčič

Sonja Klopčič, the Ecocivilisation wing of Slovenia, started her career as an engineer, but was very soon moved to managerial positions. As the CEO, chair of the board and crisis manager she has gained valuable experience in a variety of organizations at different stages of their life cycles. With her knowledge, experience and exploring of new paths, she is now an independent developer of AEIOU leadership, a mentor and coach to executives, a lecturer and the author of The Energy Inside Leadership and AEIOU of Leadership. She was the leader of a project to set-up the mentor’s network for female managers in Slovenia, she created a partnership network for World of Synergy Conference and she is the initiator of the AEIOU of Leadership community. Among many awards she also received the golden award for the organizational and social innovation – model AEIOU of Leadership, the title Ambassador of Knowledge and the recognitions Iconic Woman Creating a Better World for All and Exceptional Woman of Excellence.

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