“We have a serious structural problem, squeezing profound solutions in old structures, killing them before they can deliver any good.”

Violeta Bulc

Violeta Bulc is the founder and curator of the Ecocivilisation movement. This inspiring and open-minded person is former European Commissioner and former Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia. However, her devotion to problem solving in a collaborative and innovative way is well rutted in her rich experiences as many times awarded entrepreneur and innovator.

The essence of Violeta’s future-oriented work is directed at regenerative and circular societal innovation, supporting the emergence of glocalization based structures. For all the positive impacts of her actions and demonstrated values, she received in 2022 an honoree doctoral degree of philosophy.

In March 2020, she has started the Ecocivilisation movement that was named among top 100 projects for the future of the world by the Women Economic Forum and the largest female entrepreneurial network in the world, becoming one of the G100 Global Chairs. Violeta Bulc is convinced that a new civilisation is around the corner. She is inviting us all that we re-invent ourselves and co-create the future we want to live in together in a collaborative and inclusive way. To be in balance with the Planet, the Universe, with ourselves and our fellow humans.

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