“The startup community is a shaker – not only of technology, but also of values and lifestyles.”

Gabriella Marcelja

Gabriella Marcelja is the Ecocivilisation Wing of Austria, CEO at SG Impact Ventures AG in Switzerland, President at Sirius Global – Academic Diplomacy 4.0 based in Italy and Director at Startup Grind in Croatia. She is entrepreneur, educator and impact innovator active in the fields of management, research and advisory on innovation & technology, crisis management, conflict analysis, international law, sustainable development and growth.

As a lecturer and moderator at international economic & legal forums, she is often being invited to be a speaker on law and new disruptive technologies, sustainable development and science diplomacy. She worked within 3 diplomatic missions and with the United Nations Agencies, she was covering also digital and cybersecurity matters in a multinational management consulting firm.

As the Startup Grind director in Croatia Gabriella is eager to co-create a community of innovators leading and building the future of tomorrow, while as the SIRIUS GLOBAL president, the leading international NGO based in Rome in Italy, she operates in the sector of education, culture, science and innovation.

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