“Gender does not matter; it is time to go beyond the glass ceiling!”

Rajni Vohra

In the third Ecocivilisation podcast our guest is Rajni Vohra, Ecocivilisation Wing of India. An
Entrepreneur, Trainer, Mentor, Writer, and Marketing professional is the Founder and Director of
WahWoman Channel, and Founder and CEO of WahParty. Her non-profitable venture, WahWoman
channel is an endeavour to amplify voices of women across the globe, assist women entrepreneurs,
celebrate womanhood, and salute the indomitable spirit of all those courageous and laborious
women who made their mark with their determination and hard work in the World. WahWoman has
proudly featured women from 45 nations including deputy Prime Ministers, Filmmakers, EU
Policymakers & UN Women, on its show.

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