Year of Ubuntu – Launch session

Start Date: 27. December 2020

Start Time: 16:00

End Time: 18:00

We have already mentioned that 2021 is bringing many new and amazing project. Another one of them is the Year of Ubuntu!

2020 was a challenging year that required people to support one another perhaps more than ever before. We envision this sense of community to be something that we should invest in & we will explore this notion through the Year of Ubuntu webinars.

You are invited to attend this session where we will spend an hour reflecting and brainstorming about the Ubuntu way of living & working. We look forward to connecting and learning WHY togetherness is a viable way forward. In Southern Africa, Ubuntu is how people build sustainable communities that honor coming together as the deepest expression of humanity. “I am because you are”.

Join us in this journey of discovery, healing, reconciliation and collaboration.

Registration link:

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