Ecocivilisation Wings – Canada: We Can All Be Unstitutional: This is How…

Start Date: 11. May 2022

Start Time: 15:00

»New Hope« – with explanation of Ecocivilisation Wings to 100 countries around the world we build a collective awareness and a platform for sharing of knowledge as universal good for a better world.

Cross-pollinating is a nature-inspired way to build and nurture relationships and extend our networks across various roles, disciplines and sectors. We are all cross-pollinators, deploying our differentiated and overlapping ‘gifts’ and interests.
In this session Donna will draw from work underway at Unstitution, sharing and exploring how to build bridges and shape our networking efforts into focused coalition initiatives that bring diverse people together to tackle key social, systemic challenges.
How can we:
– Cross-pollinate with purpose? (Organic AND by design)
– Co-create value from an abundance mindset?
– Make more progress and deliver impact toward needed change, aligned with Ecocivilisation’s mission?

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