In 2021 the media did not show their real power and why they exist in the world.

Nataša Heror

As the director of the media agency Heror Media Pont, Nataša is engaged in improving the work of media in the languages of minorities. In 2012 she established the Regional Conference devoted to media in minority languages and since 2017, this event has grown to an European level. By education, Nataša Heror is a professor of philosophy and with her personal interests about gender issues, human & minority rights, security and with all her 15+ years of professional experience in sales, marketing, advertising, PR and events, she has a special sensibility to develop socially responsible brands which are capable to develop the society. Nataša also lives and works in Novi Sad that in 2022 holds the title of European Capital of Culture. Novi Sad it is among the first cities outside the European Union to be declared the European Capital of Culture and thus became one of the 60 cities that took this title, fostering the richness of diversity and interculturalism.

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