“Business and government need to gain wisdom, so that we can all have hope – and hope is not a strategy!”

Donna Nelham

Donna Nelham helps individuals and organizations across sectors reframe their ‘why,’ tackle the tough problems and thrive on new, regenerative ways of working. When it’s time to craft a new story, rethink strategy and reach out collaboratively, her 30 years of experience is a shared resource to illuminate the way!

Donna wears a few hats with her primary role as co-founder at Unstitution — where they are building binding coalitions across business, government and civil society, tackling systemic societal problems that are falling between the cracks. They help people get unstuck, cultivate coherent agency and work together toward targeted, regenerative, mission-critical outcomes.

Donna Nelham is also Chief Strategy Officer at Fractal Workspace, which is all about co-creative placemaking, shaping a vibrant live-work-play community in a smaller Canadian city. Donna is also a Global Pollinator for Omnirama, a new open community platform reimagining work, life and the built environment — towards more holistic and life-affirming patterns.

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