Imagining the Ecocivilisation: Individuum

Datum: 2. decembra 2020

Ura: 15:00

Konec (ura): 16:30

The first part of #Ecocivilisation talk: #Individuum was powerful, great and inspiring. The great news is, that the second part is just around the corner!

In the second part, we will further explore debate on questions like: What happened in the last 1000 years regarding inner development of people? Has our capacity to feel, sense, understand changed


Violeta Bulc, Curator of the Ecocivilisation and former EU Commissioner for Transport.

Moleen Madziva, PhD is a leader with 12 years of functional R&D and Clinical Research experience in the medical devices industry. Molly has devoted the last decade to #sustainable development in her native community of Macheke, Zimbabwe.

Urška Batellino is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist dedicated to working with individuals and groups with obsessive compulsive disorder and signs of burn out.

Dražen Šumiga is a psychotherapist who has his own private practice. In addition, he is a philosopher and lecturer at the Sigmund Freud University – Ljubljana. His primary focus of interest is scientific research on phenomenology, theoretical psychoanalysis and the relational psychotherapy.

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