Air and Space Academy conference on aviation and climate change

Datum: 11. marca 2021

Konec: 12. marca 2021

Like a groundswell, the challenge of climate change is causing an upheaval in today’s society. Many are speaking out to alert public opinion, others to propose their solutions in the face of soaring public awareness on this issue.

Within this context, air transport is called on to drastically reduce its carbon footprint by 2050, at a time when its prospects for development still appear very significant.
As with any revolution in practices, this requirement facing air transport provides a real opportunity for reinvention in a sector that has been capable for decades of adapting itself, helping bring together people, their cultures and their economies.

The Air and Space Academy has decided to tackle this major subject independently, without preconceptions or taboos, so as to clarify the strategies of the different players. Over two days, it will bring together climatologists, experts from the various industrial sectors concerned (energy, aeronautics, transport, etc.), as well as sociologists and economists from different countries. In addition to professionals and politicians, the conference will target a wider audience, particularly the younger generation, with committed representatives being invited to participate in the discussions.

The conference will comprise four sessions.

Session 1 : Climate issues
Session 2 : New energies and contribution of technology
Session 3 : Evolving air transport strategies and international interactions
Session 4 : Mobility of the future on a global scale

Violeta Bulc will give an opening speech to the conference.

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