BIN@2020 (10th Anniversary): Innovation for the Future of Humanity

Datum: 28. oktobra 2020

BIN@2020 is this year’s edition of the series of BIN@ annual events. It will be an excellent (digital) opportunity hosting innovators from Latin America, Europe and other origins (from universities and RTOs to private sector) with a common purpose to CONNECT, DEBATE AND PROMOTE INTERACTIONS on some of the main challenges facing THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY.

The event is open to public free of charge. We welcome everyone with an interest in (Open) Innovation, Sustainability, Inclusion & Equality topics to participate.

In the event, Violeta Bulc will be talking about ‘Emerging Ecocivilisation in a post-pandemic era’.  Her part will start at 13.30 Slovenian time (GMT+2).

Please join and share with us your view on Ecocivilisation.

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